Enlarge iTunes Text - Mac Tips Daily! #393

If you are like me and running a high-res screen, everything seems smaller, especially the text. Instead of straining your eyes with iTunes, enlarge it. Great for Demos too.

Here is how to do it:

1. Open iTunes and go to the 'iTunes->Preferences' menu. Once you are there, select the 'General' tab.

2. iTunes offers two options for enlarging the text. The 'source', which is the left side of your screen where your playlists live. The 'List' is where your songs appear.


3. You can combine a small and a large, or large & large, or small and small in any combination. Once you have chosen it, click 'Apply'. 


Customize Finder Labels - Mac Tips Daily! #392

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You may have noticed that when you right click on a file you have a string of colors on the contextual menu.  These are customizable labels that you can add to your files. This makes it really easy to visibly identify and categorize files.


How to do it:

1. Click on the Finder.

2. Go to the Finder Menu and choose 'Preferences'.

3. You have seven colors to choose from. Select the name and replace it with something you want to identify. For example, make 'Red' 'Do Not Delete', etc. Close the window when you are done making changes.

4. Right click on a file and hover over the colors and you will see that they are now named what you changed them to. 

5. Select a color and the file will become highlighted with it. Now you can quickly identify specific files set to your own criteria.

Mail Merge with Pages - Mac Tips Daily! #391

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Using the mail merge feature in iWork Pages is really useful if you have to send out mass mailings. It's really easy to do if you use the predefined templates, you can pull data from a Numbers spreadsheet or your Address Book.

How to do it:

1. Open Pages.

2. If it doesn't open automatically, Go to'File-> New from Template chooser'. Pick a sample letter or envelope, such as 'Green Grocery Letter'.

3. Go to 'Edit -> Mail Merge'.

4. Select a source, either Address Book or a Numbers document. I am choosing Address Book for this tip.If you've setup Groups in your address book, you can choose one of those. That's actually the more precise way to do it.


You have an option to send these direct to a printer or a new document. I like to look at these and make sure it went ok before I print, so I am choosing 'NEW DOCUMENT'

Now click on 'Merge'.


Now it will add the mail merge fields into your documents and put page breaks in between each one.

You can use this for any template with mail merge info, or you can create your own.

Enable Spaces in Leopard - Mac Tips Daily! #390

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Spaces is a new feature in OS X Leopard that allows you to organize your windows into groups of different spaces (think different desktops). For example, when I record the podcast, I have a space setup that shows Garage band, Podcast Maker, and iTunes; everything I need to record my show.  These are the only things that appear on that desktop space.  You can create your own spaces and organize things how you like.

1. Open 'System Preferences'

2. Select 'Expose & Spaces'


3. Click on the 'Spaces' tab.


4. You can setup different features in this panel. You can have up to 4 rows x 4 columns of spaces, for a total of 16. That is a lot of different spaces. If you are just getting started with spaces, start with the default, 2x2. 

You can setup shortcut keys to move from space to space, add spaces to the menu bar, and assign applications to automatically open in a specific space.  



Change Mouse Pointer Size - Mac Tips Daily! #389

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Do you have a hard time seeing the mouse pointer on your screen? This can be especially tough to see on higher resolution screens like the iMac 24, 30 inch Cinema display or even a 17 inch MacBook Pro. 

Here is how to change it:

1. Open System Preferences.

2. Choose 'Universal Access'.


3. Click on 'Mouse'.


4. Slide the cursor to the right to make it larger, slide to the left to make it smaller.

That's it!