Create Wireless Ad-Hoc Network - Mac Tips Daily! #387

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Have you ever wanted to quickly create a wireless network between two or more macs, without having a router in the middle? Macs can use Bonjour to make it super simple. This is useful if you are on a business trip or any other situation when you need to quickly network machines. You will need at least two Macs for this tip.

Mac #1

1. Click on the 'Airport' icon. Choose 'Create Network'.


2. You can change the name or leave it as the default. You can also keep the same channel or choose a new one. If you want it to be secure, use a password, and this will make WEP required. Unfortunately it is just WEP, but it's probably fine for temporary use. 


3. Now your airport should list your new network and  connect you to it. 


Mac # 2

1. Go to the 'Airport' and select the network you created on Mac #1.

2. Enter a password if you need to.

3. Click on the 'Finder' to make it active.



4. Finder -> Go -> Network. Click on the 'Network' link. 

5. You should see the other Mac listed if sharing is setup properly. 'System Prefs -> Sharing'. 


6. Double click on the Mac name and you should get the option to 'Connect' or 'Share Screen'.

7. When you are done with your network, go the airport menu and choose 'Disconnect'.

Check Disk Space - Mac Tips Daily! #386

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Since hard drives fill up quickly with downloaded files, imported movies and pictures, a question I frequently get with people new to the Mac is how to check their hard drive space.

It's simple.

1. Control-Click or Right Click on your Macintosh HD (or any other hard drive).

2. Choose 'Get Info'.

3. Under the 'General' tab it will show you the drive capacity, free space, and how much you have used.

Some people get overly concerned about this, but I've found that for OS X to run speedily, you want to keep about 15-20GB free space. When you start getting low, then it might be time to archive some items to free up some space.

Reset OS X User Passwords - Mac Tips Daily! #385

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Do you have multiple users on your Mac? Sooner or later, somebody will forget their password. If you are the Administrator, you can simply reset it for them.

Here is how:

1.  Open 'System Preferences'.

2. Choose 'Accounts'.

3. If the padlock in the lower left is locked, click it to unlock.

4. Authenticate with your Administrator user/pass.

5. Click on the account you want to reset.

6. Click on 'Reset Password'.

7. Enter the new password and verify it.  If you want to generate a random one, click on the 'key' and user the password helper.  If you use it, make a note of it. You can copy/paste it into the New password and Verify fields.

8. Click the padlock to secure this system preference.

Missing iTunes Sidebar Options - Mac Tips Daily! #384

Melinda writes in and asks,
"I am using the latest version of iTunes and all of a sudden, my audio books and radio are missing from the sidebar in iTunes'. I don't know how to fix it."

I think what has happened is you've unchecked some options in the iTunes Sidebar.

Let's fix it:

1. In the iTunes menu, choose 'Preferences'.

2. Click on the 'General' tab if it isn't already selected. You will see several options under the 'Show' section. Simply add check-marks next to items you want to see in your sidebar Library. Uncheck items you don't want to see. This won't delete them, it simply unclutters your sidebar.

3. Now you should see the options you've chosen in the iTunes Library sidebar.

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