Missing iTunes Sidebar Options - Mac Tips Daily! #384

Melinda writes in and asks,
"I am using the latest version of iTunes and all of a sudden, my audio books and radio are missing from the sidebar in iTunes'. I don't know how to fix it."

I think what has happened is you've unchecked some options in the iTunes Sidebar.

Let's fix it:

1. In the iTunes menu, choose 'Preferences'.

2. Click on the 'General' tab if it isn't already selected. You will see several options under the 'Show' section. Simply add check-marks next to items you want to see in your sidebar Library. Uncheck items you don't want to see. This won't delete them, it simply unclutters your sidebar.

3. Now you should see the options you've chosen in the iTunes Library sidebar.

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Q&A: Where is the App Store? - Mac Tips Daily! #365

Listen to this Episode! Q: Chris from Scranton, PA wrote to me this morning and said "Hey Jonathan, where is the app store in iTunes 7.7. I upgraded but it's not showing up in iTunes." Thanks for the question Chris. A: No time for the visual this morning, so you will have to Listen to this episode for the answer. PS) As of July 11th, it's also available by clicking the 'App Store' icon in iTunes now. appstore.png Get a FREE Audio Book from Audible audible.png