Use iCloud Now - With Auto Download - Mac Tips Daily! #404

With with Apple's latest announcement,  iCloud, we are all pretty excited. Even if you aren't a developer running the beta of IOS 5, we can still use a couple of new features apple has made available to all of us.

If you have an IOS device you can now go in and see what items you have purchased in th e past and re-download them if you want. Also, you can configure your device to automatically download new purchases, even free ones, onto your other IOS devices. To make this happen you need to flip a couple of switches.  I do believe you need to be running at least iOS 4.3.3 to take advantage of them though. 

Let's get to it:
1. From your iOS device - iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, click on Settings. Now find the Store menu. Click on it and then you may need to click on your Apple ID name. Do this and then you should be presented with the automatic download options.  
You can turn on Music, Apps, and Books, and where applicable you can enable downloading over the cellular network or just do it when you have Wi-Fi available. If you have a limited data plan with your cell carrier, you may want to make this wi-fi only.

Do this on all of your devices.

Then, the next time you buy a song on iTunes, it will download automatically to all of your devices. The same thing for Apps and Books from the App Store.

If you buy an app on the iPhone, and it's not a universal version, meaning the same app works on iPad natively, then it won't auto download to iPad. However, if you want it, you can go onto your iPad under the App store and click on previous purchases and then install it that way as well.

2. Run Software Update and update to  the latest iTunes 10.3.1.

Once you do that, you will have that functionality on all of your devices now available via iTunes as well. You just need to go into the iTunes Preferences and click on Store, and then enable Automatic Downloads. If you purchase it in itunes, it will be sent to your iOS devices wirelessly over the air.