Customize Finder Labels - Mac Tips Daily! #392

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You may have noticed that when you right click on a file you have a string of colors on the contextual menu.  These are customizable labels that you can add to your files. This makes it really easy to visibly identify and categorize files.


How to do it:

1. Click on the Finder.

2. Go to the Finder Menu and choose 'Preferences'.

3. You have seven colors to choose from. Select the name and replace it with something you want to identify. For example, make 'Red' 'Do Not Delete', etc. Close the window when you are done making changes.

4. Right click on a file and hover over the colors and you will see that they are now named what you changed them to. 

5. Select a color and the file will become highlighted with it. Now you can quickly identify specific files set to your own criteria.