Move Safari Tabs - Mac Tips Daily! #382

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In Safari 4, you can reorder tabs on the tab bar, and even move them into a new window. This is useful for sorting out information that you are browsing. 

1. Open Safari

2. Now open some different websites into different browsing tabs. To do so, click on the '+' button on the right-hand side of Safari, below the Bookmarks bar. This will create a new tab.

Shortcut: double click on an empty spot next to a currently open tab.

Do this a few times so you have a small sample of tabs.

3. Now that you have some open, click and hold on one of them and move it left or right, and you will see the other tabs move out of the way. 


4. If you feel the need to move a tab to a NEW Safari Window, simply 'Click and Drag' that tab out of the current Safari window and release your mouse button, and a new Window will open.