Reset OS X User Passwords - Mac Tips Daily! #385

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Do you have multiple users on your Mac? Sooner or later, somebody will forget their password. If you are the Administrator, you can simply reset it for them.

Here is how:

1.  Open 'System Preferences'.

2. Choose 'Accounts'.

3. If the padlock in the lower left is locked, click it to unlock.

4. Authenticate with your Administrator user/pass.

5. Click on the account you want to reset.

6. Click on 'Reset Password'.

7. Enter the new password and verify it.  If you want to generate a random one, click on the 'key' and user the password helper.  If you use it, make a note of it. You can copy/paste it into the New password and Verify fields.

8. Click the padlock to secure this system preference.