Add Maps to iPhoto Places - Mac Tips Daily! #381

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In iPhoto 09, you can sort out your images by the place they were taken. If you have a trip to Washington or Greece, you can tag them with the map and then keep that data attached to your photo. It's a great way to sort out your images, or create specific locations on where an image was taken, just so you don't forget.

Note: You will need to have internet connectivity to use this feature as you add new places.

1. Open iPhoto '09

2. Select an image and hover your cursor over the bottom right hand of it. An 'i' will appear. Click on it.

3.Click in the area that says 'Photo Place'. Now start typing in the name of the location. If it's a landmark, you might try typing it's name, or type the street address & zipcode. If it doesn't pop up, you will be prompted to see if you want to find that address on a Map. If so, this pops up another dialog box. You can choose that option and another box will pop up. Once you've located the place, choose 'Assign to Photo'.

You can click on the Plus & Minus keys below the map to zoom in or out. 

4. Once you are finished, simply click the 'Done' button.

5. In the iPhoto sidebar, under the Library heading, choose 'Places'.

6. You will now see a list of the locations you have tagged, sorted by: Country, State, City, Address.