Mac Tips Daily! #61 - Auto Clicking Tabs in Safari

I wake up every morning and check a certain set of web sites. I check the weather, mac news, and a few others. I use to go to every bookmark, and then open up a new tab. But there is a quicker way. Put all of the sites you want to go to into a folder, and then make it open up everything in the tabs at once. First, you must be sure tabbed browsing is enabled in 'Safari -Preferences->Tabs->enable tabbed browsing'. Notice I have a folder on my bookmark bar with sites already it it - my folder is called Mac Stuff. Click on the bookmark manager on the left (it looks like a book). safari bookmark menu Now, under the Collections heading, highlight 'Bookmark Bar'. Then in the right hand pane, select the folder you want to open, and then add a checkmark to the 'Auto Click' box next to it. Only folders will have this option. If you don't have a folder there, you can create one by clicking on the '+' icon at the bottom of the window -- be sure to add websites to it. safari bookmark manager When you are done, click on the 'bookmark manager (the open book!)' and that will take you back to the main safari screen. Notice that your Folder no longer has the upside down triangle next to it. Now it just has a square - this denotes it is set to auto-click. Mactips61 3 Now, on the bookmark bar, click on the name of your folder, and it will open them all up at once. A great time saver! Bonus: If you don't want to enable auto-click, you can accomplish the same effect by simply holding down 'COMMAND' and clicking on the folder name, and it will open all of the sites in that folder into individual tabs.