Mac Tips Daily! #55 - Encrypting files with Disk images

You can encrypt sensitive file on your Mac. There are a couple ways to do this: You can use 'File Vault' - which encrypts everything. I prefer just to create encrypted disk images to fit the size I need. If I want to take some files with me, or back them up, create an encrypted disk image. First, from the 'Utilities' folder, launch 'DISK UTILITY' Mactips55 1 Now, set up the options as below. You can use a custom size, but since I am going to burn this to a CD, I chose 660MB. Mactips55 8 Now, you must enter a password for the image. You will need to remember this password, or you won't be able to access your files - there is no way to recover this password. Also, I 'UNCHECK' the Remember password (add to keychain)'. Mactips55 3 Click 'OK' and it will start to create the virtual disk image. Mactips55 4 Now, where-ever you stored the image, you will see a file with a .dmg extension. Mine is called 'personal.dmg' - this is the disk image file. Mactips55 6 Double click on the '.DMG' file and then enter the password, and if you enter it correctly, it will mount the disk. Mactips55 5 Now, you can simply double click on the disk image, and use the finder to Add / Remove the files you want to secure. Mactips55 7 When you are done using the disk, simply 'Eject' it.