Mac Tips Daily! #46 - Safari - Google - Snapback

Safari has a built in feature called 'Snapback' that works in conjunction with the 'Search' box. If you have ever done a search and clicked on some links, it wasn't what you wanted, and you went deeper and deeper into a web site looking, you will love the Snapback feature. Simply, it marks the original search page, and then when you want to get back to it, simply click on the Snapback arrow, and it takes you directly back to your last page you linked from in google. So.. if you searched for 'Mac Podcast' and you clicked on the 8th page of results.. and then clicked on a link from there, it will take you back to the 8th result page... not the original. Very handy. While you can utilize Snapback in other ways, this is how to do it from the Search bar in Safari. First, open 'Safari', and type in a search term into the 'Search' bar and press 'Enter'.

 Notice in the search bar below that the snapback button isn't there yet. It is still a circle with an X in it...even though we have some google results.

Click on a result link, and now you can see that the button has changed to the Snapback icon.

No matter how far you have gone into another site, you can click on the Snapback icon, and it will take you back to your Google search results.