Mac Tip #35 - Backup your Email

If you use Apple Mail, here is a quick way to backup your mailboxes.
Go to your 'Home' folder (From the Finder Menu, choose GO-> HOME).
Mactips35 1
Next, double click on the 'Library' folder to open it
Mactips35 3
Now, visually locate the 'Mail' folder, and hold down
Control and Click on it. This will bring up a contextual menu
from which you should choose 'Create Archive of 'Mail'
Mactips35 4
This will create a compressed version of all of the mailboxes, preferences, etc inside the 'Mail' folder.
Mactips35 5
You will end up with a file called 'Mail.zip' inside your Home->Library folder
Mactips35 6
Move this file to somewhere safe, such as an external hard drive, USB keychain, burn it to a CD/DVD, etc.

If you ever need to get back to the email in your boxes up to the day you create the archive, simply extract it back into your HOME->Library folder