Mac Tip #32 - Share iPhotos online for free with FlickrExport

If you haven't heard of Flickr... now is your chance to check out this wonderful service for
sharing your photos. I say sharing, buy you can do so much more! For this tip, we will focus on sharing.


You just need to sign up for a free account (they offer a paid version, but Free works for me!).
Then you need to download this plug-in for iPhoto 4 or 5 - FlickrExport from connectedflow.com

After you download and install the plug-in (make sure iPhoto isn't running first), launch iPhoto.

and then select an image. From that point, go to the Share->Export option.

Mactips32 2
Now, click on the FLICKR tab.

If you haven't run it before you may be prompted to login to your Flickr account you just created.
If it already shows you logged in, you are fine.

Mactips32 6
(Click on this image to see the details)

Just follow the prompts - you will need to be connected to the Internet to do this. (If your machine is already logged into Flickr, you may not be prompted at all).
Mactips32 4
Mactips32 5

After you have authenticated, set up the options to your liking, and click on EXPORT!
Then be sure to send your Flickr page to all of your Friends & Family!
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