Mac Tip #27 - All about Image Capture

Image Capture? Huh? Never heard of it. That's what most people tell me.
Go look in you Applications Folder... then open 'Image Capture'.

If you have a Scanner or Digital Camera, you should definitely try this out.

This is an awesome program... you can do so much with it.

I recommend the first thing you do is look at the Help Menu, so you can see
what exactly Image Capture can do for you.
Mactip27 1

You need to have a camera or scanner hooked up to really see any of the features. I have my Image Mate 8 in 1 card reader connected below.
Mactip27 2
I clicked on 'Download Some' and it presents me with this nice browser.

Mactip27 3
Pull down the 'Automate Task' menu, and you can automate all of these features. Basic.. but VERY HANDY!
Mactip27 4

You can also click on the View options , and view them as a list for all of this detailed info.

Mactip27 5

Under the Image Capture->Preferences->Sharing menu, you can setup access for sharing the camera and scanner.

Mactip27 6

This is a basic overview..so read the Help file... you'll be glad you did.
Have fun, and send me your comments, I would like to know how you like it.