Mac Tips Daily! #74 - Receiving Faxes

Your Mac can be a Fax machine -- if you have a Fax modem - and you probably do. First, Open 'System Preferences' system prefs Next, choose 'Print and Fax' print and fax Make sure the padlock is unlocked - or you won't be able to make any changes. If it is locked, click on it and authenticate. Next, enable the options you want - starting with 'Receive Faxes on this computer' Enter your phone number that the Mac is connected to, this is how the Mac will identify itself to the incoming Fax machine. Setup how many rings you want your Mac to wait until it picks up the phone and answers. enable 'Save to:', 'Email to:', and 'Print on printer:'. You can use whatever you want here -- but you need at least one selected. I have it set to do all three. Now, have someone send you a fax and test it out!