Mac Tips Daily! #73 - People-Business-Address Book

If you use the Dashboard widgets, you probably already use the People widget and the Business widget (formerly Yellow Pages). I use it all of the time to look up numbers, such as the Pizza place. The People Widget is just as useful, since I can query for a person's name, and then have their address and phone number (if they are listed) within seconds. business widget Sometimes though, you may want to add that info to you address book - especially searches you perform often. We constantly have to look up a particular person's name because we thought it was committed to memory.. and it wasn't. Here is how to add that information to your address book: Start 'Dashboard', then choose the 'People' Widget. people widget Next, perform a search for someone (names were blurred to protect the innocent!) Now, notice the '+' next to the address. Click on this, and it will ask you if you want to add that person to your address book. people search add to address Choose, YES, and this person's contact info will be added to your 'Address Book'. address book widget Next time you need it, just open your Address Book or use the Address Book widget. Feedback? Want to Support the site? Add yourself to the Map!