Mac Tips Daily! #72 - Display Rotation

Learn how to rotate your screen by 90-120-270 degrees! Mactips72 2 Note: I received a nice email from a listener today, and he added the following: Just thought I'd pass on that this tip only works for Macs with certain video cards - My new G5 17 inch iMac does not have this feature. According to built-in Mac Help: 'Some video cards may include support for display rotation in Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. Look in Displays preferences; if you see a Rotate pop-up menu on the right side of the window, your video card supports display rotation.' One thing I forgot to mention on the podcast is that, from what I can tell, it only works if you are using an external display. For example, mine works fine on my Mac Mini, but on my iBook, the option isn't there, until I hook up an external monitor to it. Feedback? Want to Support the site? please consider a donation. All donations are appreciated and they go directly back into the site and equipment for the podcast.