Mac Tips Daily! #70 - Pocket Address Books

Address book is one of my favorite programs. I keep all of my contacts in it, and I use it, and the address book widget all of the time. However, when I am traveling, I don't always have my Mac handy.. and I am at a loss for my contact's info. One way around this is to print out a hard copy, and keep it with you. Here is how to do it - Open 'Address Book', address book Select the 'Group' of address you want to print. To print everyone in you book, choose 'All'. group screen Then, go to 'Address Book -> File -> Print' print it Now, select you printer, and under 'Style: - Pocket Address Book'. You can change the orientation, attributes, font, and more. You can also use the 'Zoom' slider to get a better view of your book. When you have everything the way you want it, choose 'Print' print dialog