Mac Tips Daily! #68 - Adding Spotlight Comments

Do you have any documents on your Mac that you just can't remember what they are? Here is a way to add 'Spotlight Comments' to your files - Apps or Documents. This will work for any file, but I am using 'Safari' and the 'Application' folder for the example. Here is how to do it: First, open 'Applications' (Finder->Go->Applications) applications Next, hold down 'CONTROL and Click the mouse', and choose 'Get Info' get info

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Now, type in something descriptive in the 'Spotlight Comments:' box. For this example, I am going to type 'Web Browser'. If the comments box isn't expanded, click the triangle to expand it. When you are done, close this window. spotlightcomments Now, go back to your Applications folder, and then hold down 'COMMAND + J', and this will open up the 'Show View Options' menu. Select the options you want below, under the 'Show Columns' area. Be sure to enable the 'Comments' option. When you are done, close this window. finder view Now, you have a 'Comments' column in your Applications windows. If you don't see it, scroll to the right, and you can 'Click and Drag it to the left' to make it easier to view, like I have done below. Notice I have some descriptions for several of my programs. Finder Not only does this make it easier to remember what a document or app is, but you can also search for the 'Comments' with Spotlight. Open Spotlight, and search for one of the comments, and it should bring the file right up. spotlight Search