Mac Tips Daily! #67 - Email links with Safari

Send me your favorite Mac related links! To make it easy, I am going to show you how to do it. In a previous tip, Mac Tip #6 - Emailing with Safari I told you how to email a whole web page. Sometimes that's not appropriate - due to bandwidth constraints of the recipient, mailbox size, and many more reasons. To send just the link to the site, simply do this: Hold down 'Command + SHIFT + I' (the plus signs just mean hold them down together, you don't have to press the '+' key) This will launch Mail, add the link name into the 'Subject' area, and put the link into the 'body' of the message. Now all you have to do is address it and click send. Much faster than copying the link from Safari, opening Mail, Pasting it in, and typing in the subject yourself. mail links