Mac Tips Daily! #63 - Customize the Address Book Template

The address book in OS X Tiger is great for keeping all of your contacts organized. The problem is that the default template may not fit your needs -- What to do? Customize it of course. Here is how to do it: First open 'Address Book' address book Next, Go to the Address Book menu and choose 'Preferences'. Preferences Now, select the 'Templates' icon. templates You can click on the fields to customize them - adding or removing as needed. Simply click on the '+ or -' icons. Mactips63 4 If you click on one of the Labels (the items in BOLD), You can choose 'Custom' to create a customized label. Note: In the podcast, I misspoke and said 'Other' not 'Custom' - Custom is the correct choice From the 'Add Field' drop down menu, you can add additional fields, or click on one to remove it. Once you have your template the way you want it, close the preference box, and you are all done. Now whenever you add a new contact, you will have your customized template.