Mac Tips Daily! # 94 - Batch Changing in iPhoto

When you import photos into iPhoto from a digital camera, or other source, they probably don't have a descriptive title. You can use the 'Batch Change' command to change multiple photos. Here is how to do it: Open iPhoto. iphoto Next, select the pictures you want to change. Just click and drag the mouse around the ones you want to change, it's the quickest way. Mactips94 1-1 Now, go to the 'Photo' menu, and choose 'Batch Change' Mactips94 2 On the left hand drop down menu, choose 'Title' and on the right-hand menu, choose 'Text' Then, it will open up another box, where you enter your Title. Add a check-mark next to 'Append a number to each photo', this will make sure they aren't all called the same thing, and they are easier to sort out this way. Now, go ahead and click 'OK' Mactips94 3 Now, it will change all of those photos. In the image below, notice the NEW TITLES! Mactips94 5-1 It's that easy!