Mac Tips Daily! #90 - Sherlock

Sherlock is almost forgotten... it seems Apple is quietly phasing it out. What is Sherlock? It's a self contained search engine, with specific 'Channels' that can do particular tasks. Examples: Movie listings, Ebay, Flights, etc. Yes, you can do all of this with widgets and a web browser.. but there is still something cool about Sherlock. Give it a try. From the 'Finder', choose 'GO->Applications', and then double click on the 'Sherlock' app. sherlock Select the 'Channels' icon to bring up a list of available channels. You can drag/drop them to your toolbar for easy access, or just double click on one to start it. main sherlock Here, I am searching for local movies - it will even give me a preview of the movie if it is available. movies Play around with the different channels, you may find something you like. You can also search the web for additional Sherlock channels, but they are becoming harder to find. Learn More - Check out these Mac specific books