Mac Tips Daily! #89 - Searching Safari Bookmarks

Your bookmark folder can become huge -- if you browse a lot of sites and add a bookmark to anything you would like to get back to. I have a few hundred bookmarks at least. Frequently I find myself not being able to find a particular bookmark, unless I use the search feature of Safari. Here is how to do it: First, open 'Safari' Safari Next, open the 'Bookmark Manager' - it's the icon on the bar that looks like a book. bookmark manager Now, type in some text into the 'search' box. You will quickly see results - and it will show the 'Name' of the bookmark, the 'Parent' directory (where it is in your hierarchy of bookmark folders) , and the actual 'Web Address'. bookmark search Now, just double click on the bookmark to go to the corresponding site. Learn More - Check out these Mac specific books