Mac Tips Daily! #88 - Address Book vCards

Make life easier on people you want to share your info with. Instead of making them type in all of your contact info, send them a vCard (sort of a virtual business card). When they open it, all of your info is imported into their address book. Most address book programs support this format '.vcf', so they don't have to have a Mac to enjoy this feature. Here is how to do it: Open 'Address Book' address book To add some privacy, next to go 'Address Book->Preferences'. prefs Now, click on the 'vCard' tab, and then choose 'Enable private ME cards'. me cards Close the window, and then click on 'Edit'. Add some detailed info to your card. Since we enabled private ME cards, it adds a 'Check mark' option to enable for fields you want people to see. If you have an item you don't want them to have, such as your mobile phone, don't add a check mark next to it. When you are all done, click on the 'Edit' button again to close the editing options. setup Now, to export the card, click on your 'silhouette' and 'drag and drop it' onto the desktop (or any other folder). You can also go to 'File -> Export vCard' Notice I have a 'vCard' with my name on it, on my desktop now. Simply attach that file to an email, and send it to your friends & business contacts. export When they open up the attached card in the email, they can then import it into their address book. Learn More - Check out these Mac specific books