Mac Tips Daily! #87 - Safari Cache

If your web browsing is going a little slower than you think it should be, you might want to consider emptying your Safari cache. As you browse the web, to speed things up, Safari saves images locally onto your hard drive in a temporary directory. As you go back to visit sites, it can load them off of the hard drive, which is faster than downloading them again. However, sometimes if the cache gets too big, it can actually slow down your browsing. Sometimes you may notice that content isn't being updated on web pages, this could be another symptom. So, to fix this, simply empty the cache. From Safari, go the 'Safari' menu, and choose 'Empty Cache'. Mactips87 1 Mactips87 2 Your next visit to a web site may seem slower, as it starts caching files over again, but subsequent visits should be much faster.