Mac Tips Daily! #86 - Login Items

Do you find yourself launching the same set of programs every time you login to Mac OS X? Well, save yourself some time, and make these programs launch automatically. Here is how to do it: If you can see the program on your 'Dock', it's quite simple. Simply 'Click and Hold' the mouse button down for a couple seconds, until you see the contextual menu. When it appears, choose 'Open at Login'. Now the next time you login with your account, the program you selected will automatically start. contextual menu For a bit more control, you can also do this through 'System Preferences->Accounts'. accounts After you open the 'Accounts' pane, in the new window, choose your account, and then click on the 'Login Items' tab. You can drag & drop your program into this area, or click the '+' sign to browse for an app. If you have one there you want to remove, select the app, and click the '-' sign. login items If you add a check mark next to the 'Hide' box, then you can avoid having that window pop up immediately when you login, and it will run the app in the background.