Mac Tips Daily! #84 - Zoom

Have you ever wanted to magnify a part of the screen? Maybe you wanted to see something better, or perhaps draw attention to one particular area on your display. Here is how to do it: First, open 'System Preferences' - 'Apple Menu -> System Preferences' Next, choose 'Universal Access' universal access Then, click on the 'Seeing' tab, and under 'Zoom' click the 'On' button. universal Now, close the preference window. To enable the Zooming feature, you must first turn it on with a keystroke. Hold down 'Command' 'Option' '8' - this keystroke turns zooming On/Off. You won't notice anything the first time you do it. To actually 'Zoom', you must now press 'Command' 'Option' '=' (this will zoom in, press the '=' multiple times to increase the magnification. Zooming out is just as simple, press 'Command' 'Option' '-' To turn off the feature completely, again, press 'Command' 'Option' '8'