Mac Tips Daily! #82 - Sharing files with users

Sharing files between multiple users can be troublesome. OS X has some built in security features that keep you from accessing other users 'Home' directories to drop files into. However, OS X gives you a couple ways to do this. Today, we will look at the 'Shared' user folder. First, open up the 'Macintosh HD' (yours could be called something else -- if you renamed it), it should be on your desktop. HD Next, open up the 'Users' folder. Mactips82 2 Inside this folder are all of your user accounts, and a folder called 'Shared'. Simply add any files/folders you want people to be able to access into this 'Shared' folder. All user accounts will be able to access them. If you find yourself sharing a lot -- think about adding the 'Shared' folder to your sidebar for easy access. shared sidebar Feedback?