Mac Tips Daily! #81 - Finding Aliases

Aliases are simply pointers to where an original file exists on your hard drive. The main use is to efficiently organize better. For example, if you normally keep a program or document somewhere on your mac, but you want to access it in another folder, you could create an alias of that file, then move the alias to the new location - and your original file would stay where it was. Think of it as a shortcut (windows terminology). Sometimes though.. you may have an alias -- but forgot where the original file exists. Here is how to find the original location: Find an 'Alias'. They will have a little arrow on the icon, and by default, the 'alias' name is appended to the file, but this could easily be changed. aliases Next, hold down 'Control' and 'Click' on the icon (if you have more than one mouse button, simply right click on it). When the contextual menu appears, choose 'Show Original'. Now, the Finder window will open up to show the 'original' file. finder Feedback?