Mac Tips Daily! #75 - New Finder Windows

Sometimes you need a 'New Finder Window' open to complete a task. Every time you open up a Finder window, it starts in the same directory, every-time. Here is how to set it up to automatically open in a directory of your choice, with each new 'Finder' window. Click on the 'Finder icon' on the Dock, to make it the active application (it will say 'Finder' in the menu bar at the top when it is active). Next, from the 'Finder' menu, choose 'Preferences'. Finder Prefs

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Now, where it says 'New Finder windows open:' click on the drop down menu below it. choose folder It will offer some default options, and you can choose one of them. If you want it to start in a specific folder each time, choose 'Other' and navigate to that folder, and click 'choose'. options Now, to test it, go to 'Finder -> New Finder Window' and verify it opens up in the folder you selected.