Mac Tips Daily! # 188 - Tag iTunes 7 Videos

If you have the new iTunes 7, you now can tag your imported videos with the correct video info. This makes Front Row work better too, since it picks up the correct categories. You must have imported the video into iTunes (not necessarily iTunes 7). Open 'iTunes 7' itunes 7 Next, click on 'Movies' - odds are this is where everything you imported is located. If you don't see the one you want, search iTunes for it. source pane Once you find the video you want to convert, 'CONTROL + CLICK' on it, and then choose 'Get Info'. Here is a video I recorded off of TV with Eye TV, and I want to tag it so it falls into the correct category and proper menus. shakira music video Now, click on the 'Info' tab and enter any any applicable information. The more the better. info tab Next, click the 'Video' tab. Choose the kind of video it is: Music Video, Movie, or TV Show. Enter in applicable information. Experiment with it, to make sure its organized the way you want it to be - especially if you are using Front Row. video tab When you are done, click 'OK'. Caveat: iTunes 7 lacks a 'Music Video' section in the Source pane. So, if you add music videos, you will now have to search for them. Until Apple fixes this, create a 'Smart Playlist' and choose the 'Video Kind - Is - Music Video', and name the playlist 'Music Videos' Now, you can access any Music Videos, by simply clicking on your new Smart Playlist.