Mac Tips Daily! # 187 - Spellcheck Squiggles

Have you ever been typing a sentence and use a word that spell check may not recognize? Maybe you are writing a name, technical info, or you have just created the newest colloquialism. Get rid of the squiggles and add them to the OS X spelling database. Here is how to do it: Type the word you want to add (works in all cocoa apps, such as mail, ichat, textedit, etc). Note: Be REALLY sure you have spelled it correctly! squiggle Now, 'CONTROL + CLICK' on the word with the red squiggles, and choose 'Learn Spelling' learn spelling Now the squiggles will disappear, and spell check will no longer bug you about this word. FYI - Just because you added it does not mean 'Dictionary' will learn the meaning.