Mac Tips Daily! # 183 - Email Multiple PhotoBooth Pictures

Photo Booth comes with all of the new iMacs and Mac Books. It's one of the funniest apps to show off to your friends, and it's a great way to introduce them to the Macintosh. The only problem is when your friends take these great pictures, they always ask you to email them. Photo Booth only allows you to email one at a time.. so if they take 10 pictures, you have to send 10 emails. This isn't cool.. so here is a way around it. Open 'Photo Booth' photo booth Now, 'click' to select the first picture you want to email. photo strip Now, press 'COMMAND + R', and this will reveal it in the Finder. reveal in finder If you don't see the images, press 'COMMAND + 1' or click on the icon view to see the images. Now hold down 'SHIFT' and click on every photo you want to send. After you click on the last one, 'CLICK and DRAG' them to the 'Mail' icon on your Dock. mail This will launch 'Mail.app' and start a new message ready to be addressed, with all of your selected pictures. email message Type in their email, add a subject, and hit 'Send'