Mac Tips Daily! # 182 - Conversion Calculator

Did you know that Calculator has a built in conversion ability? You can convert Area, Currency, Energy, Temperature, Length, Weights and Masses, Speed, Pressure, Power, and Volume. In this tip, we will do a Currency conversion, but you can do any of the available conversions. Here is how to do it: From the Finder, choose 'Go -> Applications' Open 'Calculator' calculator For this tip, we are going to convert currency, so punch in 100 and we will convert that amount. calculator Since this is currency conversion, we also want to update the current exchange rates. From the menu, choose 'Convert - > Update Currency Exchange Rates' update exchange rates It will go out and update the current rates. When it's done, click 'OK'. rates Next, choose 'Convert -> Currency' currency Now, in the 'From:' choose your home country, and in the 'To:' choose the country you want to convert to, and click 'OK' Now, your calculator will show the resulted conversion. Mactips181 6