Mac Tips Daily! # 180 - Multiple Network Locations

Subscribe with iTunes | Review on iTunes If you take your Mac with you from place to place, you probably need to change configuration settings fairly often. Mac OS X makes it very easy to add multiple locations, so you don't have to go through the arduous task every-time. You can setup locations for Home, School, Office, Coffee Shop, etc.. Here is how to do it: Open 'System Preferences' system prefs Choose 'Network' network icon Click on the Padlock and authenticate if you need to. Under the 'Show' menu, choose 'Network Port Configurations' Under the 'Location' menu, choose 'New Location'. new location Type in a location name. I am using 'Starbucks' in this example. starbucks location Now, click and drag the 'Airport' config to the top of the list, and then uncheck all of the others, since we don't want Mac OS X taking the time trying to connect to them. When you are done, click 'Apply Now', and it will save the settings. Create locations for all of the places you access the net - Office, school, etc. When you go from place to place, simply go to System Preferences -> Network, and choose the appropriate location. Leave as many ports available as you need. For example, if you use the Built-in Ethernet connection at work (since it's the fastest), you may have it at the top, then Airport below it, since you take your Mac outside during lunch. You can get creative and customize it to fit your needs.