Mac Tips Daily! # 176 - iTunes Genres

Do you have a piece of music or a recording that doesn't fit into the default iTunes Genres? Well, this is no problem.. because you can simply create a genre with any name you would like. Here is how to do it: Open 'iTunes' itunes Now, select the song(s) you would like to change or add a Genre to. In my example, I am going to take some of these Z100 radio skits and add a Genre to them. song listing Next, hold down CONTROL and CLICK on the song(s), and choose 'Get Info'. get info Select the 'INFO' tab. If there is already text in the 'Genre' field, simply select it, and press 'delete' on your keyboard. Then, click in the genre box, and type any name you would like. In this example, I typed 'Radio Comedy'. itunes info When you are done, click 'OK'. Now the next time you want to reuse that Genre, simply start typing it into the box, and it will autofill it for you, or click on the drop down menu, and it will be listed there as well.