Mac Tips Daily! #175 - Printing Multiple Pages

Help save some trees. Did you know you can print multiple pages onto one sheet of paper? Depending on your printer driver, you probably can fit up to 16 pages onto one sheet! You may not be able to read it.. but you can do it. I usually find 4 pages per sheet a good compromise for readability. Here is how to do it: From most applications, choose the 'Print' button. If you don't have one, try the 'File -> Print' option. Now, when you see the dialog box, click on 'Copies and Pages', and a drop down menu will appear. Choose 'Layout'. Mactips175 2 Now, you can configure how many pages you want printed per sheet, the layout direction, and whether or not you want a border around each page. The more pages per sheet you choose, it becomes more illegible. I find 2 to 4 pages usually works great, depending on what you are trying to print. Mactips175 3 Before you print, hit the 'Preview' button, and take a look at how it is going to look on paper. If it is to your liking, hit PRINT. Hint: Print this tip out, and give it a try!