Mac Tips Daily! #173 - iPhoto PhotoCasts and Flickr

Flickr is the most popular photo sharing site on the net. With iPhoto 6, Apple introduced the ability to subscribe to Photo Casts. It's basically the same as a podcast, except you subscribe to pictures. Here is how to subscribe to Flickr photo sets and have the pictures download right into iPhoto 6. Open 'Safari' and go to Flickr.com safari Next, you can look for a particular photo set, or browse for something interesting. Let's search for 'iPod Costumes' Select the photo set of something that looks interesting - we will use my sets for example. my site Scroll down to the end of the page, and look for the ORANGE RSS icon - it will say 'FEED' next to it. RSS Now, 'Right Click' or Hold down 'COMMAND' and click on it. Choose 'COPY LINK' right click Next, open 'iPhoto 6' iphoto Go to 'FILE -> Subscribe to Photocast' photocast subscribe Now, paste the link in the box (COMMAND-V), and press 'Subscribe' subscribe iPhoto will now download the images in the photo set you selected from Flickr. When new photos are added or changed, iPhoto will update them. photocast folder Now, you have all of the pictures in your iPhoto library, and you can print, edit, and more! Have your family and friends sign up, and subscribe to their Photo Sets on Flickr -- it's a great way to keep in touch.