Mac Tips Daily! #166 - iTunes Start and Stop Times

Do you have some songs where the music doesn't start right away, or maybe it ends with someone talking, and you really aren't interested. Maybe you have a concert that is one long song, or a classical piece that you would like to cut down, or isolate a piece of it. There are a ton of reasons.. and here is how to do it. Let's get started: Open 'iTunes' itunes Next, find the point in time of the song that you want to start or end.. or both. In this example, there is talking at the beginning of my selected song, but I am not sure of the exact point where it ends. I need to listen to the song to find the exact points I want to skip. After I listened, I found the part I want to skip, which is the first 20 seconds of the song. lauryn hill time Next, hold down 'COMMAND' and 'CLICK' on the song, and choose 'GET INFO' get info Next, select the 'OPTIONS' tab. Now you can add the 'Start' or 'Stop' times. You can do both if you want, to isolate a piece of music. start stop The cool thing is, when you sync your iPod, it will play it like this too! Note: Don't worry, you didn't erase any of the music. If you don't want the start/stop times to occur, simply go back to the 'Get Info' area, and remove them.