Mac Tips Daily! #163 - iPhoto 6 Full Screen

iPhoto 6 offers a great full screen view. You can view, compare, and edit photos in the full screen mode. It's extremely useful, and i've found it's one of the most under used features. Here is how to do it: Open 'iPhoto 6' iphoto Next, click the 'Full screen' icon (find it on the bottom left hand side of the iPhoto screen) full screen button When you go to full screen mode, if you see a thumbnail bar at the top and/or an editing bar at the bottom, you can turn these on or off. The menus will change to reflect your option. SImply go to the top of the screen with your cursor, and choose the 'VIEW -> Hide Thumbnails' and/or 'VIEW -> Hide Toolbar. The menu will change, depending on what your options are. hide menushow menu Find the settings that work best for you. To exit full screen mode, move your cursor to the bottom right hand side of the mode, and click the 'Full Screen' button.