Mac Tips Daily! #162 - PDF Book View

If you view a lot of PDF files, you may want to try viewing the pages side by side, instead of scrolling in a vertical format. Here is how to do it: Open a PDF file with 'Preview' Preview From the menu, choose 'View -> PDF Display -> Facing Pages' PDF Menu This will make the first page appear on the left. If you want it to be more like a 'book', then choose 'Book Mode', and it will put the first page on the right. pdf preview If you can't see both pages, then select the 'zoom out/zoom in', until you can see multiple pages side by side. Also, you may want to expand Preview to show on the whole screen, this will make it easier to read the pages. Help: Have you done an iTunes review of the show yet? Help us out, and take a minute and write a couple lines with your opinion of the show... make your voice heard!