Mac Tips Daily! #161 - Reset User Passwords

If you have multiple users on your Mac, eventually someone will forget their password. This is no problem for the Administrator... it's easy to reset a users password. Note: You need to be using an Administrator account to do this tip. Here is how to do it: Open 'System Preferences' system preferences Next, choose 'Accounts' account If the padlock is locked, you will need to click on it and Authenticate with your admin password. Once it's unlocked, click on the account you want to reset. If the 'Password' tab isn't already selected, go ahead and click on it. Then click on 'Reset Password' user accounts Now, type in a password for the new user, then retype it in the verify field. I would also provide a password hint, something to jog their memory next time. If you want to create a really good password, you can click on the 'Key', and the password assistant will help you create a more secure password. After you are done, click on 'Reset Password' Mactips161 3-1 Now the user can login with their new account password. By the way, this won't reset their Keychain password, just their account password. Tip: Before exiting the Accounts screen, I recommend you click on the 'Padlock' again to lock it and ensure no changes are made without your permission. If they don't want you to know their password, after they have logged in, they can go back to System Prefs -> Accounts, and change it to something they prefer.