Mac Tips Daily! #160 - Dashboard Cleanup

Do you have too many Dashboard Widgets? Do you scroll through tons of widgets you thought you would use? Maybe it's time to do some Dashboard cleanup. Here is how to do it: Activate Dashboard - Click on the 'Dashboard' icon on your dock, or press 'F11'. dashboard Next, click on the '+' sign to bring up the widget panel. widgets Now, click on 'Manage Widgets' manage widgets When the menu appears listing all of your widgets, you can scroll through them and choose ones you want to disable or delete. To disable a widget, simply remove the check-mark from it. If you are sure you no longer want it at all, click on the red circle with the minus sign inside it. When it asks if you really want to send it to the trash, click 'OK'. If you want the widget back, don't worry, you can re-download it from Apple. Just click on 'More Widgets', and it will take you to a widget download page. dashboard widgets