Mac Tips Daily! #155 - iChat AV Testing

You have your brand new Mac (or older one with an iSight), and nobody to test the cool iChat AV with? Well, luckily there are some Apple test servers that you can test it with.

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Here is how to do it: Open 'iChat AV' next, from the iChat menu, choose 'Buddies -> Add Buddy' add buddy Now, choose 'New Person' new person Now, choose 'AIM' as the Account Type. Also, for the Account Name, type in: appleu3test01 and then click 'Add' screenname Now, click on the green camera next to the new buddy. Note: If the camera is a faded green, you may have to try later, since the server may be busy. buddy list Your chat should now begin to setup chat preview And you can see yourself in the corner window, and an apple commercial playing in the main window. You can resize your image or even go full screen with the chat. ichat AV screen You can't talk to them, but this will give you an idea if your connection is going to work, or if its being blocked by a firewall. If the servers above were busy, here are a couple more to try: appleu3test02 appleu3test03