Mac Tips Daily! #153 - Migration Assistant

Have a new Mac? The Migration Assistant makes it easy to move your old stuff to your new Mac. For this tip, you need a 6 Pin -> 6 Pin Firewire cable (aka ieee.1394), and two Macs. Here is how to do it: On your NEW Mac Finder -> Go -> Utilities -> Migration Assistant migration assistant This gives you an overview of what it will copy. Click 'Continue' Next, you need to 'Authenticate' with you administrator password and account. authenticate Now, for this tip, choose 'From Another Mac' migration Now, you need to connect the between your Macs. Just plug one end of the cable into a Firewire port on each Mac. You Mac doesn't come with one of these, so you should pick one up online or at a store. You need a 6 Pin Female -> 6 Pin Female cable. firewire Now, you must restart your old Mac, while holding down the 'T' key. This puts your Mac in 'Target Disk Mode', which basically makes your old Mac appear to be a hard disk drive to the new Mac. After you have done this, click 'Continue'. target disk mode Now, continue to follow the wizard, and after a fairly long period of time (depending on how much stuff there is to transfer), you will have your new Mac up and ready to go with all of your settings.