Mac Tips Daily! #150 - iCal Printing

Do you use iCal, but don't always have a portable Mac to carry with you? iCal has some great features, and one of my favorites is the printing abilities. You can print out to-do lists, monthly, weekly, and daily calendars. I find these very helpful, especially the to-do lists. You can customize them to your liking, and can be a valuable resource if you depend on iCal, but don't always have it with you. Here's how to do it: Open iCal Ical Next, choose go to 'File->Print' When the dialog box appears, notice all of the customizable features. The 'view' area lets you choose your printable view. For example, if you don't want a to-do list, choose a 'month' view, or one of the other available options. You can change the date range, select the calendars you want printed, set a few extra 'options', and even 'zoom' in or out to make it more readable while you are assembling your calendar. Mactips150 2 Play around with the options, until you get the look and feel that will be the most usable for you. Mactips150 3 When you are done, choose 'Continue', and the print dialog will come up. Select your printer, and 'Print'. Now you have a great portable calendar to take with you.