Mac Tips Daily! #142 - iCal Shared Calendars

If you use iCal, you know it is a wonderful application for keeping you on schedule. Sometimes it can be a pain to enter all of the national holidays, special events, etc. Well, lucky for us, iCal enables you to subscribe to calendars that are online. Apple has a small selection, but you can get even more calendars from third party sites, such as iCal Share, and even subscribe to Google's latest utility, Google Calendar. Here's how to do it: Open 'iCal' ical Next, go to the menu, and choose 'Calendars -> Find Shared Calendars' shared calendars Now, this will take you to Apple's site, and you can get a decent selection of calendars, such as nation holidays (be sure to click on the 'more' area to see them all. Mactips142 4 Personally, my favorite is 'iCal Share', a third party site that has thousands of calendars, featuring events you wouldn't even think of putting on your calendar, at least not by hand. icalshare Now, one last thing. If you have been using Google's new Calendar, to keep your activities online, you can subscribe to these calendars too. Now get to it... and subscribe to some calendars! If you know of any other calendars, please drop us a link in the comments, and share them with all of us.