Mac Tips Daily! #141 - Recent Items

Have you used the 'Recent items' menu item before? It's a place that stores the last several Applications, Documents, and Servers that you have accessed. By default it has the last 5 items in each of these categories. You can change that amount as well, or even disable it. Note: I told you something wrong in the Podcast... I said click on the Finder, and you would find the 'Recent items' under the Finder menu.. it's wrong. It's the Apple menu. It was late... what can I say ;-) Let's get to it: Go to the 'Apple Menu -> Recent items' apple menu Notice it shows the recent Applications, Documents, and Servers. In addition, you can clear these with the 'Clear menu' recent To change these amounts (5 is the default), go to the 'Apple menu -> System Preferences' and choose 'Appearance' appearance Now, you can choose a different value, or select none at all. drop downs