Mac Tips Daily! #140 - Quoted Text Color in Mail.app

Whenever your forward or reply to an email, it uses a default color of blue. The text is blue, and the vertical line on the left side of the message that distinguishes the quoted area is blue. Wouldn't you like to change it to another color? Open 'Mail' mail Next, go to 'Mail->Preferences' prefs Now, click on the 'Fonts and Colors' tab. Click on the drop down box below. Notice the first color selection box will take care of level 1 quoting, and this is the one we want to change. Click on the drop down menu, choose your preferred color. If you don't see it, choose 'Other' and select your favorite. prefs If you want all of the quoted text to be the same color that you just selected, add a check mark next to 'Color quoted text', as noted above. When you are done, close this window, and then try and Forward or Reply to a message to see your results. My results are below -- notice I went with Orange. forwardeed message